Outfit Of The Day: Army Green

Hello everybody! I know it has been ages since my last post, just thought I’d do an update. I thought this would be a great outfit for summer. 🙂 Here we go..

image image image

Isn’t green a cute color? I sure think it is! Green can look lovely on anyone, a brunette, blond, redhead, whichever! This outfit can make anyone make heads turn. It’s casual, yet sexy. Great for summer as well.

The army tank I got from Wal-Mart for 10 dollars. (just recently)

I got the pants a year ago..so not sure if they’d still be at Target or not, but any set of beige pants would work.

The boots are from Macy’s. You could also probably get them from Ebay. Hope this helps..remember to rock green this summer, ladies! The army way. 😉  And also, you can’t really see it, but I have on The Hunger Games Mockingjay pin that Katniss wore in the movie, that can always spruce up the outfit! I got it for 5 dollars on Ebay. Hope you guys enjoy my post! Muah. ❤


Christmas OOTD

Hey guys! I mentioned earlier that I would be gone, but since I’m off for Christmas break, I thought I’d squeeze in a few posts here and there. I was extremely occupied with family activities Christmas eve and day, so this post is just a tad bit late. Anyway, here was my outfit of the day for Christmas.

christmas outfitchristmas outfit 3christmas outfit 2

So yeah, there it is..my own creation of a Santa outfit. 🙂

The shirt is a few years old, but I believe you can get it from Target (possibly).

The bow came with a devil costume for Halloween, so you could buy it off of Ebay.

The Santa hat can be purchased wherever (Target, HEB, Macy’s)

Gray/Black/White Eye-shadow pack and lipstainer & gloss from Target.

Black sparkling leggings from Target.

The shoes aren’t in the picture, but they are white rain boots with grayish/brown fur lined around them(at the top). I purchased these from Target.

Keeping it simple and cheap.

Hope you enjoyed, maybe this can give you guys some ideas for next Christmas, or even New Years.

Bye, see ya’ next time! 😀

I May Be Gone Awhile

Hey guys! I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for not posting anything or being active on this site for awhile. Reasons are, I’ve been going back to school and I’m extremely busy with lots of important work and responsibilities. So, I’m going to keep this short and straightforward. I’ll try my best to add a few blogs in here and there, but I can’t guarantee I’ll be online very often. I’m going to be gone until I have time to manage my blog and add more work into it, because, honestly, I’d rather focus on school and getting my grades up than worrying about a hobby. So this is goodbye, for now. :/ I’ll be back as soon as I have time to. Audios!

Stay Classy: Do’s and Don’ts

I thought I would do a post on one of the do’s and don’ts of fashion. This is about what’s classy and what isn’t (in my opinion). Watching the season 8 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders inspired me to write about this (I suggest you study on how the women dress & act on that show, because they give pretty good fashion advice from time to time). Anyway, here we go. 🙂

1:Dresses                                               Do

Don’t                                                      fashion do 1

fashion dont 1

Obviously, you can see the differences between these two lovely dresses. The reason the short black dress is a don’t is because it’s too short! Why would you want people to notice you only for the view they can get down below? Yes, it shows off your killer legs, but it sends out a wrong message. The red dress, on the other hand, is luxurious, long, breathtaking, and beautiful. This sends out a message that you’re a lady with class, and people notice you for how wonderful you look in the dress and your true beauty, not your body parts.

2: Low-cut tops

Don’t                                                                                     Do

fashion dont 2                                 fashion do 2

The pic on the left is a don’t because this reveals way too much cleavage! In my opinion, that’s just a no-no! Yet on the right, no cleavage is revealed, therefore it shows off an innocent, pretty look. If you have a bigger breast size, the shirt on the left would be great, if you wore a cami/tank-top or some kind of shirt underneath.

3: Shorts                                                                                                       Do


fashion dont 3             fashion do 3

The style of the shorts on the left are cute, as long as they fit you right, and don’t make your shorts practically look like a thong. I pretty much prefer shorts that are a little longer than short-shorts, simply because it’s more feminine-looking.

4: One-pieces

Don’t                                                                        Do

fashion dont 4                        fashion do 4

I’m sorry, but the black one-piece is just utterly tacky and not modest at all. You might as well just wear a two-piece than this. The white one, on the other-hand is modest and has a pure, innocent look to it, which is the classy way to go!

That’s all for now, guys. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to list them down. Have a nice one! 🙂


OOTD: Country style

Hey guys! If you all haven’t already known, I’m the type of girl who has many interests and likes more than one category of fashion, I like many, and country is one of them. This isn’t the most far-gone country outfit, but it’s close, due to the cowboy boots. Here’s the amazing gallery:


What I am wearing here is a purple sports-bra with a white tank top over it and what it says is “Wild West”, casual blue jeans, a brown belt with blue details on it, and reddish brown cowboy boots. Hope ya enjoyed my country style 😉 Stay tuned for the next post.

OOTD: Dress w/ a crown

Hey everybody, I apologize for not doing a blog in ages…lol, I was on vacation for a couple of weeks. Anyway, the movie Frozen sort of inspired me to show off this look. Here’s the gallery:

If you’re wondering how this is related to Frozen, well, for instance, the side braid. There’s a character named Elsa (if you didn’t know this) who always rocked a beautiful French side braid, her other hairstyle was a twisted side bun with a crown on top. What I did was sort of mixed the two together. The hairstyle in these pictures is a twisted side fishtail braid with a sparkling hair clip (which looks like a crown) on top.

Anyway, hope ya liked this post. Feel free to list any questions, comments, or opinions. 🙂

OOTD: Pink & Green

I just love the colors pink and green, they’re so cute! They really can make your hair stand out, if you do it a certain way. How did I do my curls? With my new curling wand from Remington! 😉 This curling wand works so much better than a standard curling iron, and is 100 percent better for your hair! This product provides long-lasting curls and a more shiny, healthy look to your hair. I also used a little Moose to fight off frizz and humidity, and to hold in the curls better. Anyway, here are my pictures for Outfit of the Day.


Hope you enjoyed my pics and advice! Feel free to comment your opinions and thoughts on this post! Bye bye! 🙂

OOTD:Black with a Boohoo

Hello! Here is once again, another Outfit of the Day.


What I’m wearing is a long sleeve sleek black shirt with a tight collar, sparkly leggings, and of course, a Boohoo backpack, which I’m sure many of you have seen around. Normally most people would think, “Why are you wearing that colorful floral backpack when you’re wearing all black? Aren’t you supposed to have a black backpack as well?” You can wear a black backpack or purse, if you want to, but in my opinion, I think the Boohoo looks great with this outfit! There’s some backpacks out there that can look good and match with basically anything, and if you couldn’t notice, the sparkles in the leggings have sort of a white reflection to them, so that makes them match with the white designs in the backpack even more. If you were wondering, the Boohoo backpacks seem to be very in style this year, and are perfect for school, a trip out to the beach, or if you’re going swimming. It’s a perfect and cute little accessory! It may not fit that much supplies into it, but it sure can make a summer outfit look adorable! 😉 Get your Boohoo backpack now and rock out the summer! ~Jessa




Polyvore’s OOTD

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve been super busy. I just discovered this app called “Polyvore” a few days ago, and I heard it really helps out fashion bloggers and people that are into fashion. I’ve been posting a few of these Polyvore pictures on my Instagram (if you’re interested go to instagram.com/xoskyangelxo or just look up the name “xoskyangelxo”). For those of you who haven’t heard of Polyvore, it’s a fashion app where you can set up your own collage of outfits and clothing and you can even buy some clothes online at polyvore.com . I’m going to show you the outfits I have made recently on this app. Also, so I get nobody stealing/copying my ideas, my Polyvore account is “nghthrt”. Anyway, here are some of my sets:




First set:

-Boohoo Riley Bright Print Crop Zip Back Bralet- BOOHOO.com: 24$

-Levi’s Denim shorts- ZALANDO.CO.UK: 72$

-Top Moda Anna-7 Crystal Daisy Embellishment T-Strap Flay Sandal Beige PU- AMAZON.COM: 20$

-DSLR SLR Camera Shoulder Bag Backpack Ruckstack Bag with Waterproof Cover For Sony Canon Nikon Olympus- ETSY.COM: 50$

-Roberto Coin Rose gold Pink enamel and Diamonds Flower Earrings- 1STDIBS.COM

-Lipsy Patterned Bangle Stack- LIPSY.CO.UK

-Chloé Arrow Aviator Sunglasses- BLOOMINGDALES.COM: 346$

-Essie Serial Shopper Nail Polish- CUSP.COM: 8.50$

Hairstyle:Subtle Beach Waves

Make-up: Subtle white eye-shadow around the eye(mixed in with beige on the eyelid) with a little touch of mascara, eyeliner on the bottom eye, and eyebrow make-up(which isn’t really necessary, but if you want to, go ahead.)

Second Set:

-Floral Print Crop Top White- LOOKBOOKSTORE.CO: 24$

-Hudson Mia Flare light blue jeans- MONTAIGNEMARKET.COM: 485$

-SCOOP Patent Flip Flop- SCOOPNYC.COM: 50$

-White Faux-Leather Backpack- CLAIRES.CO.UK

-Fossil Riley Multifunction Ceramic Watch- White with stones- FOSSIL.COM: 225$

-Silver 3D Flower Stud Earrings- OLIVERBONAS.COM

-David Yurman Crossover Cross with Diamonds on Chain- DAVIDYURMAN.COM: 580$

-bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss, High Roller 0.15 oz (4.5 ml)- BEAUTY.COM: 18$

-Daisy Dream Eau de Toilette 3.4 oz- MARCJACOBS.COM: 94$


Third Set:

-Monique Lhuillier One Shoulder Draped Ball Gown With Lace Applique- MODAOPERANDI.COM

-Diane Hassall Starry Eyed Ivory Lace Wedding Shoes- EUPHORIASHOP.CO.UK: 385$

-Michael Kors Mk5263 Ladies Watch with Rose Gold Bracelet and Rose Gold Dial- AMAZON.CO.UK: 220$

-Allurez Diamond Clusters Flower Stud Earrings in 14k White Gold (1.00 ctw)- ALLUREZ.COM: 1,610$

-Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara for a false lash effect- YSLBEAUTYUS.COM

-Incoco Nail Polish Strips, Red Manicure, Passion- AMAZON.COM: 4.25$

-Multishape Double Row Necklace Graff Diamonds- GRAFFDIAMONDS.COM

-Semi-Permanent Beauty Is it REALLY Worth The Splurge?- EMMAGEM.COM

Suggested Hairstyle: I recommend with this outfit, you should curl your hair either with rollers, a curling wand, or a curling iron, or make subtle beach waves with the curling wand.

Note: I do not wear or own any of these selected items in person, I only mixed these together on the Polyvore app, that is why I listed the prices and where you can buy them.

I hope you enjoyed this post, be looking out for more OOTD’s by myself and Polyvore! Goodbye! 😀

Heels: Pointed vs. Round


Ah, heels, the perfect shoes for a night on the town, business, or even a fancy dinner. The topic today is: Which is better, pointed toe heels or round toe heels? As you can see , I’ve listed two pictures above to compare them side by side. From what I’ve seen around, the style of the pointed heel is very loved by women and is totally in this year. But in my opinion, the heels with the round toe are much more flattering to your feet, and they make you look pretty. Don’t get me wrong, don’t just completely throw away all of your pointed heels, because they’re good to wear for business, a job meeting, work, etc. Places you can wear the round heels are to a club, fancy meal, church, or anything in particular that you have to get all dressed up for. If you want your feet to look smaller and more attractive, go for the round heels, and if you’re wanting the mean business look, wear the pointed heels. You could even wear the round heels for a job as well, whichever works for you. 😉 ~Jessa